Monday, August 9, 2010

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Seeing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a matter of a few days was an experience! They were both beautiful and filled with vibrant, yet different people. After visiting both oceans, we noticed that the Caribbean side was less developed with dirt roads and smaller hotels. While the Pacific side, had paved roads and large resorts. On the Caribbean coast, we stayed in a town called Cahuita. Many of the locals in Cahuita were Rastafarians who were very friendly and laid back.

On the Pacific coast we stayed in a larger town called Quepos. Quepos was filled with so many businesses which catered toward tourism and so much to do, it was hard to walk down the street without feeling like you would be run over by a taxi or a Tico (Costa Rican)!

Both towns were really fun, and while they were both economically centered around beach tourism, they had extremely different vibes.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Not many people in Texas can say they visited both oceans at nearly the same time. Cool!