Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Socio Cultural Group's Adventures...

These recent couple of days have been a whirlwind of cultural awareness, biodiversity, and great fascinating wonders. The indigenous BriBri tribe were very hospitable to us and a quite pleasant friendly lot. We were exposed to lots of bugs during our stay there, consisting of a bat, an unwelcome visit of ants, grasshoppers and all sorts of other critters. Prior to making acquaintance with the BriBri tribe we were told not to show them the soles of our feet, not to speak to them unless spoken to, and to not do anything disorderly. We did so, however the natives were different than we expected for they were civilized and quaint. We played soccer with them, archery and enjoyed their delicious cooking. They have been doing events like this for about 18 years and they are getting a boom in tourists now. Seeing the world from their perspective and resources was an enlightening keyhole into understanding symbiosis and harmony of diverse communities.

Just before departure, we hiked to a waterfall nearby. On Sunday, our free day we dispersed to relax, or immerse ourselves in writing our journals, head to the pool or lovely beach and Cahuita National Park. Shopping that night in the evening was a majestic adventure of many artisan stands and a plethora of aesthetically appealing accesories, jewlery, and artistic works. Then come Monday and Tuesday we observed many animals such as iguanas, turkeys, Spider monkeys, ocelots, and Capuchin monkeys. We learned that some of the iguanas are used for meal consumption and also as a medicine through frying its fat to make oil. Then it can clear sinuses and relieve colds. On Tuesday we went to see a crater and to La Paz waterfall garden. It was just stunning to be in the presence of so much wildlife and to be around so many waterfalls, three of them. One of the highest being the Magia Blanca Waterfall at 37 meters (120 feet) in height.

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